Friday, November 19, 2004

Calcination Sensation

Proud to inform you that this morning I produced some museum-quality work : - ) My breakfast soy sausages actually require 1 1/2 minutes of microwaving, not 6 minutes like my lean cuisine dinners... : - ) My apartment now smells like the silver medal in the Olympic Incineration Competition. Not bad for 15 minutes awake, huh?

Check out Museum Of Burnt Food on-line, it's a hoot. At left: a free-standing hot apple cinder, circa-1989. Oh shoot, I should go photograph the cinders, for posting tomorrow. Done! The things I think of when I'm an hour late for work....

But I was kind of sick last night, it made sense to sleep it off, I'm feeling better today for my first weekend home since Halloween. Tonight, I'm seeing Bad Education (Mala EducaciĆ³n), the new Pedro Almodovar movie, with my friend Day. I'll be writing more later, stay tuned...

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