Sunday, November 14, 2004

Argy Bargy

Hi again from Buenos Aires. Just woke up, it's 11am. The clouds and rain surfaced about 5 minutes after I typed the words 'it's very sunny here.' :-)

My hotel's in Puerto Madero, the big, beautiful riverfront area that Buenos Aires reclaimed and developed during its 1991-1994 'boom,' see picture left. Money well spent in a city which 'grew up with it's back to the river.' This Hilton is lovely, with a huge atrium inner court with all the floors facing it from all sides and glass elevators sliding up and down the nine floors. Facing water on both sides, it's all quite pleasant.

Last night I saw a great play with Andres, Breath Of Life, a translation of a David Hare play.
David Hare's play unfolds in a single set with only two characters, about a confrontation between a woman who's husband has left her and the mistress her husband had for 25 years, who he has also abandoned. excellent acting and dialogue. problem is, i misunderstood one word that threw me off for half the play. In the beginning the wife walks into the backyard of the mistress and says 'madeleine'. but i heard 'madre', so i thought it was a mother and daugther confrontation over the same man. this seemed believable since the mistress looked older. But as the play went on, the emotions and timeline didn't seem to match the mother'daughter, and i finally realized she was saying 'madeleine' instead of mother. I hope you found that interesting. I understand the British stage version featured Maggie Smith and Judi Dench (pictured above).

enough rambling, i'm off to have some breakfast and go meet Andres. wow, i'm back in New York tuesday morning...

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