Monday, October 25, 2004

Florida Is The New Florida

The cliché of the decade so far is to say 'X is the new Y,' with X and Y being, if not opposites, than contrasts. Examples: 40 is the new 30, about age. Quiet is the new Loud, Steak is the new Pasta, etc. It's kind of a reflection of how dramatically the canvas of our life changed, mostly for the better, through advances ranging from smart cell phones to anti-depressants... Anyway, these are my deep thoughts for the morning.

At left is a manatee, a lovely water mammal that inhabits Florida's fresh waters, or what's left of them. Manatees have a rough time these days, and are constantly being hit by speedboats. However, they remain majestic and noble. They are also reputed to have ghastly breath.

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