Sunday, September 05, 2004

French Adrenalin -- Adrenaline Français

Red Light Green Light 1,2,3... What a movie! "Red Lights", hailing from France, is an utterly gripping thriller, a witty, observant character study, and a subtle puzzle. It literally puts you in the passenger seat for some of the most harrowing - and fascinating - reckless driving ever filmed on a European highway. At its center are a marital crisis, an escaped convict, and the vagaries of French transportation... See it. (For Christian: Quel film! "Feux Rouges" melange plusieurs genres avec success: le thriller, l'etude de character très observatrice, et la devinette. ça te fait vivre la randonée la plus fascinante et terrifiante jamais filmée sur une autoroute europeéne. Il s'agit d'un couple en crise et les hasards des transports français. va le voir!)

Pat Stumpp and I dined at Shun Lee Palace before the movie - this elegant eatery serves modest portions of exquisitely prepared and presented gourmet Chinese creations in a classy salon of mahogany panels and paper dragon lamps. At right: fish sculpted in carrots and other vegetables, left over from a glorious battered spiced shrimp dish. (For Christian: Avant le cinoche, on a boufée a la chinoise trois etoiles. Lá tout est préparé et présenté avec panache, dans un salon de chinoiserie elegante.)

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