Monday, August 23, 2004

Get Well Soon

Bizarre occurence on Friday. While walking home, down 22nd Street, my foot bumped into something beanbag-ish, soft but thick. I screamed when the 'beanbag', a huge rat, squealed and ran like hell... I... ....love New Yooooorrrrkkkkk : - )

Thomas found a corner of New York where creativity ran dry...

Here's an early picture of me and my sister Deena, visiting our Mom's parents in Lowell, MA back in 1966... I appear determined to steal the scene here... : - ) I digitized hundreds of childhood pictures this weekend. Deena, in the hospital with a badly smashed right heel, had a difficult and depressing weekend, with her surgery delayed by complications. I have to think of something to cheer her up... Any ideas?

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