Friday, July 23, 2004

They've Got The Land...
...But We've Got The View

Freedom With Brownie Points... Yesterday, my 35th Floor deal marathon ended with a whimper. Despite being 85% done, unforeseen circumstances have pushed the project back to early September. But I added value and earned gratitude. Hope it does eventually happen... My thoughts turned to photography as the project's 30 bankers, laywers, customers, and go-fers began to mentally check out and disperse.

Here's the Unilever building from an interesting angle. Above, the view southward down Park Avenue, with photographer Aaron superimposed.

Quote del Giorno:
"My breasts are not actresses." - Liv Ullmann

Here's an odd aerial of Central Synagogue, an jewel of 19th century architecture which houses New York's longest runing Jewish congregation. Note the exquisite twin domes. The "twin" theme is a New York classic, with several dozen twin ornaments and buildings over the years, including of course WTC:

Modern Art, Corporate Cafeteria:

Finally, 350 Park Avenue, with its "new hat" following a 1990s facelift, and in the 1980s when I worked there:

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