Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Sun Always Shines On TV...

I just completed a half-hour of "media training," taping and re-taping practice questions for a TV camera on our trading floor, and reviewing the results. Now that I'm really thin, the small screen is much kinder to my humble mug. I have the tape, for those of you who'd like to watch me be a 'talking head.' : - ) No alarm could wake me this morning, as my body demanded and received ten hours of overdue sleep! I snapped the picture at left at the royal palace complex in Bangkok, btw. I will be posting more pics to my site's travel pages this weekend.

Tonight, I'm seeing the much-praised off-Broadway play "Boy," starring our very own Kelly AuCoin, with Thomas.. Meaning Thomas is coming to see it, not actually performing in it. : - ) Happy Anniversary, Brian and Joe!

Quote Of The Day, from Brent DiCrescenzo, turning the page on his rock critic career: "Explaining why I love a record in the confines of its production, lyrics and instrumental "tightness" without detailing the first time I heard the band's song drifting from bowling alley in Poland or whatever confounds me. "

Wordspy Word of the Day:
mobile speed bump n. A car that travels at the speed limit to force the cars behind to do the same.

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