Monday, May 31, 2004

Spin Spin Reykjavik

Lava Fields and Ash-and-Snow-Striped Mountains...Our jeep trip yesterday took us inland to the ´southern highlands,´ an endless mountainous expanse of volanic wastland that reminded me of the sets of "Lost in Space," the 1965-68 TV classic, not the cheesy 90s movie. This lasted about 8 hours and included an opportunity to bathe naked in a steaming natural pool with air temperature of 40F and a strong wind. We declined. Over coffee our Icelandic guide (a moonlighting TV cameraman) and a fellow tourist from Denmark gave us an earful about Iraq and US behavior in general. The guide was trying to hit on the tourist, and made a point of dropping me and Mom off first. Lunch was haphazard, they failed to inform us it was bring your own.

In the evening, while Mom rested at the hotel, I took the stick-shift car for a three hour spin around Reykjavik, visiting landmarks, stopping to stroll through the sleepy streets lined with adorable colored houses. I searched for wierd Icelandic food, but to no avail. Guess I wasn´t destined to savor rotten shark and pickled ram´s testicles. Darn. Today, we visit the Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport, should touch down around 6:40pm at JFK and be home at 8pm. Very nice break, and now I can stick shift. Mission accomplished!

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