Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Iceland tomorrow night! Here's another picture from my web site's embryonic 'travels' page. Here's a Professkimo (professional eskimo) I encountered on a Norwegian Coastal Voyage from Bergen (60N 5E) to Kirkenes (70N 31E) and back. Next to him is a reindeer. The fur on their antlers sheds, and then the antlers themselves shed. You can buy and eat reindeer sausage in Norway. I tried to bring back some for my JPM office Xmas party, but it was confiscated in customs.. Curses, foiled again!

This trip was in August 2000, and it rained for 9 of the 12 days! The boat was akin to a 'local train,' and between stops and land excursions I felt like I visited every town and village in Norway... except Oslo, which is inland.


Kirkenes, the Norwegian-Russian border

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