Friday, May 28, 2004

66 N Getaway

Hey everyone. Arrived in Iceland safe, sound, and jet lagged. It´s 2pm and Mom refuses to get up, arguing, correctly, that it is not morning : - ) Impressions thus far are that Iceland is quite pretty, so far quite sunny, odd-colored volcanic rocks dotted the green tundra as we zipped by many tiny and colorful little towns to Reykjavik, a harbor city facing the ocean and flanked by snow-capped mountains. It´s not unlike Northern Norway, if you´ve ever been there. Hope you´re having a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone. Will write more when I have some decent internet access - this is a stand up terminal, one window only, time limit and confusing keyboard : - ) Better go eat some smoked fish and try to look inconspicuous : - ) Later!

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