Friday, April 23, 2004

Where The Sun Don't Shine...

... And Where It Do.... I've wasted more time than you want to know trying to install as my PC wallpaper and screensaver this "world clock" that shows where night and day are falling on the globe, in real time... I sort of fell in love with the concept on my long, long, long (long) international flights.... I think it's pretty. You can see this phenomenon for free, to your own specifications, on several sites, which I will post later. My frugality will force me to pass on the $1,500 high-tech home real time clock you hang on the wall (a main cabin in your own home?). And now, I've gotta shake my tail feather (i.e., get moving). Happy Friday. GalerĂ­a can't be too far away... : - )

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