Tuesday, April 27, 2004

To The Shores Of Tripoli...

Silly Me. I must have dictator-ruled wastelands on the brain...Or not. Libya reportedly does its charms. Since you might not get there in the near future, I thought I'd offer you a picture of its capital, the Tripoli whose shores our US Marines always sing about...

Tripoli is an ancient city. It was the Carthage of antiquity, beaten by the Romans in the 2nd century BC punic wars. Some 2100 years later they were invaded and brutally occupied by the armies of another famous Italian, Benito Mussolini. But with independence, they found happiness and... Muammar Qaddafi! Some countries have all the luck! More pictures below:

I worked a long 13 hour day today. I am preparing to publish my first articles. But I am feeling engaged in the new job, which is a good thing. Moving from an office to a cubicle turns out to be a good thing, as being less isolated seems to help my concentration. This is the best I've felt about work since the 2001 Chase-JPM merger that ended my long good luck streak there. Happily, half a million frequent flyer miles and twenty fewer pounds later, I feel kind of re-invented. Many budding interests poked their heads through in the wake of the wreckage, including photography, hiking, kayaking, art galleries, and stick-shift driving... ... and, of course, blogging.... Like the fabled Phoenix of Arizona, I rise from the ashes... I may be going to Dangerous Venezuela and Dangerous Colombia on Sunday. I should know tomorrow. Details to follow.

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