Thursday, April 01, 2004

Meat Brazil

Down in Porto Alegre, yet another lavish meat luncheon, with the 'gauchos' (pronounced ga-ooh-shoes), who are mostly of German descent, with a peppering of Italian genes. The 'churrasco,' or mixed grill, was served in rotating style, as in Rio, with the waiters incessantly coming by offering different kinds of meat, until you switch your green signal to red. Afterwards, we met my old pals at Gerdau, which makes long steel (beams, poles, fences) and began with a small nail factory in 1901, growing into a $4 billion empire with 10 mills in the Eastern US. Tomorow I must rise at 5am, fly to Belo Horizonte, fly back for a meeting, get to the international airport by 6pm for my 10:30pm flight. Chances are I will not post (boo hoo), but this weekend will be interesting too.

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