Monday, March 08, 2004

L.A. = LightRail Adventure?

Los Angeles discovers the joys of public transit... L.A.'s MTA Rail links a vast swath of Greater L.A., now reaching as far east as Pasadena! And it's a big hit! Ever the adventurer, my dear friend and ex Brian sallied forth on Saturday and rode the whole 32 miles from his Long Beach apartment south of LA, eastward to Pasadena and its charming historic center, museums, gardens, and indie movie theaters. It took him 90 minutes, changing twice, including once at beautiful Union Station (see pictures).

Brian could have also ridden 32 miles due north to Hollywood, hung out there, and then travelled 16 miles east to Pasadena, completing the triangle. Light Rail Now has an excellent website which touts success stories coast-to-coast and argues that it's a very good expenditure of taxpayer dollars...

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