Friday, March 12, 2004

A Date With Wilbur

Banished from my apartment while the cleaning lady works her magic for Sunday's party, I sought refuge at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, where I enjoyed the debut of "Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself." Not at all what I expected, this neat little film grows organically from black comedy to wistful but life-affirming drama. The film quickly draws us in to the lives of a would-be suicide, his timid caretaker brother, and a single-mom hospital janitor, amidst the post-industrial burntscape that is Glasgow. This is Danish director Lone Scherfig's followup to her wonderful "Italian For Beginners," it's her first English-language, non-Dogme-95 movie (for background, I posted about Dogme on Tuesday), and it's a promissing step forward, indeed.

See The Whitney Biennial 2004 At Your Computer! Their site is excellent, seamless and user-friendly, a gift to art-lovers far from New York and those of us New Yorkers who hate crowds. Just click here to enter.

I'm still trying to shake this bug/virus, the dreaded 'ear', that is sapping my energy, impeding my work flow, and looming over Sunday's party and what could be a promissing date tomorrow afternoon in Slope of Park. So tonight I will lay very low. DVD-watching, books-on-tape, reclining position, and perhaps I'll order a 'love meal', aka something with chicken and/or hot soup to make those evil germs just scram.. I have all sorts of interesting things in store for you tomorrow....

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