Monday, March 01, 2004

Crumpets, Jet Lag, and Iron Ore

Well here I am on ABN AMRO's London trading floor, a gypsy parked at a vacationer's work station, busily researching Brazilian mining and chemical companies on paper and online. Traders and salespeople are jabbering in Russian, Turkish, and English all around me. My sleep-deprived body is fueled by latte and crumpets. But my concentration level is high. It's cold, but sunny. I had a lovely taxi ride along the Thames, watching Trafalgar Square and St. Paul's Cathedral zip by as I listened to Derek and the Dominoes, courtesy of my friend Thomas.

Below are some photographs of Brazil's Carajas iron ore mining complex in the Amazon. Latin Americans started making steel during World War II, when they suddenly couldn't buy it from the US since we needed it to make ammunition, tanks, and planes. Facing massive shortages, the Latins began to develop their huge iron ore wealth forward into steel production. I hope you find this as fascinating as I do.

Probably no theater tonight... I need to be well-rested for my management meetings tomorrow. But I'll try to see a play in New York this weekend.

Yesterday I drifted into personal territory. Is this a diary? Is this a travelogue? Do I just share what I find interesting and fun, or do I pour my heart out too? Questions, Questions. I always shied away from keeping a diary, life always seemed to messy to record. But now I understand everybody's life is messy, and if noone were willing to paint life in all its messy glory, we would be deprived of much great literature, music, and theater. More on this theme later... Toodle-loo

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