Saturday, March 13, 2004

All We Are Saying,
Is Give Pez A Chance...

Wo-ho! I'm feeling much better! And just in time for my party. The bizarre photo to your right is from John Perkinson's wonderful Orbit 1 photoblog. Two more of his photos close out today's posting.

Kooky Gallic Kaleidoscopic Whismy With A Bite! That's the only way I could describe the movie "Amélie", which I saw this morning, via Netflix. I had (wrongly) stayed away from it, thinking it was a cloying fairy tale, when it's actually anything but. I'd call this stylized, innovative, kinetic, humorous and very French experience "The Opposite Of Boring." Not to be missed. And yes, I think Matthieu Kossovitz is too cute for words : - ) The original French title, btw, translates as "The Fabulous Destiny Of Amélie Poulain."

Pez-cific Coast Party! Yes, there are Pez collectors and Pez conventions. (Pez, for you non-US people, is silly pellet candy in a colored plastic tube with a goofy head). Yes, adults do this. Yes, I know one. My ex's current beau Joe is a Pezophile, and today attened the Pez-cific Convention in Long Beach, California. Below you can see one of the US's larger Pez collections.

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