Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Wha? Huh? ¿Cómo?

Submitted, a picture of my brain after Day 1 at the job : - ) Paperwork up the kazoo! It was a lot of data to absorb at once, even for a research geek! Medicine by mail. Ugh. The people are nice, but today was very dis-orienting, wandering through white corridors and cubicles and trading floors. Not a very high-pressure environment, on first glance.

My nicest moment was right after being fingerprinted (!), when I had to fill out SEC & NASD forms. They showed me what I filled in 7 years ago, and I was able to list my weight as 144 and not 160... : - ). I have to go to a testing center Friday to update my registrations by doing screen-quiz penance. Tomorrow I see the dentist. Ugh Ugh. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Thank you Bartholomew F. Bland for identifying as Paul Cadmus the artist that painted the naked Fire Island sailors we saw at Williams.

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