Friday, February 27, 2004

Spend Some Time With Osama

No, Not That Osama! Just saw the acclaimed Afghani film about "Osama", a 9 year old girl who masquerades as a boy to keep her family from starving to death (the Taliban didn't allow women to work). It deserves all of its many great reviews and awards. In 82 riveting and fascinating minutes, beautifully filmed and directed, and acted by locals, you see how love, quiet fear and desperation drive home the message more than brutality or hatred ever could. No cliches, no predictability, and only a touch of humor (a Taliban sex-ed class: how to re-purify your genitals after a wet dream).

Talk about being there! This film takes you to another universe, another century.. hard to believe they're on the same planet as our nation of video-game addled couch potatoes.. : - )

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