Friday, February 27, 2004

Pay For The Fiddler

You wanted to dance, now pay for the fiddler... That's my Mom's saying. I wanted to stay up Wednesday to see a play (see below), and had to crash at 9pm yesterday to make up for it. Ah, the trials of a working boy...

Why Swoosie is Swoosie... On Wednesday night I saw Swoosie Kurtz in Bryony Lavery's award-winning play, Frozen, on the first day of previews. It's about three people whose lives are impacted by the murder of a child: the mother, the killer, and a psychiatrist researching how committing violent crimes may be the result of brain injury. Very thought-provoking, well-acted, and unpredictable. If you can't see this play, you can read it. Swoosie, by the way, was named after the plane her Dad flew in World War II.

52 Card Roundup.... Check out Gothamist for the scoop on which cities have the longest commute. NYC wins of course, with an average 36 minutes, adding up to nearly 7 days a year! Yes, a week per year just commuting...

Ice picture is by Masiar Hooshmand from Toronto, check out his wonderful photoblog mused.pixelflake.com

Friends in Motion: Celia's back (to Argentina) from Uruguay today, Bart's in Florida, Doug's headed for Moscow, and I'm going to London Saturday..... My sister Deena had a great birthday, and I have promised to post much better pictures of her going forward.

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