Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mayonnaise King For A Day

Coronation at 30,000 feet. Flashback: Five years ago, high above the plains of Brazil, there was an 'airplane seat lottery' sponsored by Varig Airlines and Hellman's Mayonnaise in which my friend and ex, Brian A. Hall, was crowned Mayonnaise King (Rei da Maionesa). Many people, however, are anti-mayonnaise, and Brian's scared of it.

Bookmark This Book Mark! Complete Review's book review site is the most comprehensive and user-friendly I have seen, and even gives letter grades. I recently finished reading Ian McEwan's riveting "Atonement" - oh, all right, I listened to it on CD in German - - but I'm sure it's great in any tongue (unlike mayonnaise).

It's about the consequences of a 13-year-old girl's lie on several family members and friends, seen at three points in time over 60 years. It's engaging drama, but on another level it's about the nature of regret, repetenance, truth in life and in art. Complete Review gave it an "A." I think it would make a great movie - remember I said this : - )

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