Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Love Never Fails : - )

At least, I hope not : - ) Today we'll focus on sensual beauty and creativity, to help chase away the blues, prejudice and intolerance coming from certain quarters. Let me take you to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the best moments of Carnaval 2004. It's like a four-day Halloween Parade simmered in cacha├ža rum, sugar and sensuality. It begins Friday Night, and lasts till the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when all is cleansed by a kiss of gray ashen love, followed by 40 days of Lent.

Meanwhile, back in the States, beautiful plastic pandas are marching on Washington, bringing some well needed diversity : - ). NYC's own Gothamist reminisces about our own plastic invastion, the cows of 1999.

Right On Maude, Part 2! Good piece in Newsweek on Elizabeth Edwards, the other half of Team Edwards. Ever notice how the coolest people are always democrats : - ) More on her later.

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-Os The most spellbinding documentary since, well, Spellbound, was certainly Oscar-nominated Capturing The Friedmans, which examens the extensively filmed private life of an alleged pederast and suggests justice was miscarried. The DVD-with-extra-footage ad campaign is plastering the subways. Problem is, alleged victims surfaced this week and are crying foul. More on this later. One of my friends, who'll remain anonymous, was their neighbor... can't wait to hear what that person thinks....

Heard from Celia today. She's enjoying Punta del Este, Uruguay, and staying at a lovely chalet (pictured below). Hi Cousin Richard! (He's one of my sanest relatives)

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